Vancouver Island Wildlife Activities

From seaside to mountain peak Vancouver Island's wildlife is diverse and unique. Home to over 7000 sea critters, 200 migratory birds and 34 land mammals, a "wild" experience can be found almost anywhere. Often, waiting to welcome you to Vancouver Island are pods of orca's and porpoise's frequently spotted racing with the ferry. Otters and seals can be found in most harbours, waiting to catch a free meal from the fisherman cleaning the daily catch


Beach combing in all its glory will always be exciting - find rock crabs, sand dollars, starfish, geoducks and discover burrowing clams by locating their siphons for a water show composed by your feet upon the sand. Following back roads and rural trails you can encounter deer, Roosevelt elk and marmots; and from select vantage points be on the look out for black bears (Oh my!) Although alusive and rarely seen, Vancouver Island does have cougars and wolves in remote areas. Vancouver Island is also a bird watching paradise with many protected areas to visit dedicated to bird watching. Don’t forget your binoculars!


Learn from Real Travellers Vancouver Island Wildlife Activities

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