Vancouver Island Food and Drink

The fertile soil of Vancouver Island offers ideal growing conditions for fruits, berries, flowers, greens, herbs, grains, squash, and other vegetables. Driving down rural roads you will find; hay, corn, grass and vineyards filling the fields. Along the road side, you are sure to find market stalls selling local farm fresh edibles. Many distilleries, wineries and breweries have opened, featuring tours of the land and the process of making delectable liquids with local ingredients


If you’re looking for a more hands on approach, get your daily or yearly fishing license and a crab trap and drop it off the local pier and in the evening feast on fresh Dungeness crab! There are so many seafood options for you - pick fresh oysters, dig for clams or take a fishing charter to the open ocean for salmon and halibut! Food & Wine festivals featuring the best ingredients and most talented chefs are open to attend throughout the peak season. From beer fest to spot prawns there is something for everyone.

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