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  • My Canadian Adventure

    Posted by Anita Duerring May 10, 2014 - 1,066 views - 0 comments - 1 like
    Usually I'm a Bigcitygirl, high-rises Blocks and shopping centre are my nature, noises and people replace the bird's twittering. As i arrived Nanaimo in March I nearly gets an heart attack. 80.000 inhabitants and only a couple streets for shopping? " It will be a long stay" I tought. Of course I read about the City I will live for 6 Months but I realized on the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo. As I arrived in Nanaimo ( at Duke point) it was dark, cold and windy. But if I saw the skyline everything was fine. And as we arrived the Commercial Street with all the old, small buildings and the lights in the Trees i felt in love with the city. We arrived the guesthouse and I felt home from the first moment. Its a nice, small guesthouse with a big common room wheres everybody sitting and talking the whole day. After i was fallen asleep for 8 hours i woke up really early, went down to the front desk, took a map and explored the city. My first time at the harborfront was just amazing. In Germany I need more than 3 hours for being on the sea so its really nice for walking out of the guesthouse and be almost there. I spend almost the whole day at the harborsite, Maffoe sutton Park and Departure bay and fall asleep tired and happy. The next day starts with my first Fronst desk training at the guesthouse. It was really tricky to unterstand a new system and english at the same time but everybody was nice, helpfull and spoke really slowly. At afternoon my manager and i driven to Victoria and i felt in Love again. Nice old Buildings, little shops and the sea. I spent the whole day outside, walking around and making gobs of pictures. " i don't wanna go back to Nanaimo, I REALLY need the big city" I tought but we went back at night.