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Adventure on Vancouver Island » Blogs » A foggy hike up Notch Hill in Nanoose

  • A foggy hike up Notch Hill in Nanoose

    Posted by Ross Collicutt September 20, 2014 - 1,596 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #nanaimo  #Notch Hill  #Nanoose  #Hike 

    Sometime you just don't get the weather you want on a hike.


    On a recent hike up Notch Hill in Nanoose, I was expecting beautiful sunshine and views up to the nearby mountains and down to the water and coastline of Nanoose Harbour and into Lantzville.


    I didn’t get that at all.



    The weather ended up being socked in with thick wet fog. I couldn’t see a thing. The pictures I took looked like they were from a halloween movie. It ended up looking like a neat effect on the pictures but it wasn’t conducive to seeing nice views.


    The trail winds it’s way up from the trailhead on Link Place past what looks like a large water cistern and a few small viewpoints to the very top of the hill. The arbutus are a beautiful tree and you’ll see lots of them here. The red bark and deep green leaves were glistening with a light mist the fog was leaving.


    The trail climbs at a solid angle all the way to the top. There aren’t many flat spots to speak of aside from just below the summit. The trail curls around the summit area and pops out into an open space free of trees. On a good day I could spend hours here admiring the view and inspecting all the different places you can see. Arrowsmith and Moriarty are the big mountains in the distances and Nanoose Harbour connects to the ocean just below you. The coastline winds it’s way over to Nanoose and then Nanaimo.


    Sitting at the top today though, I can’t see or hear much. The thick fog is muffling all the sounds just like the quiet when everything is covered in snow. No views today but I don’t mind. Hiking through a relaxing place is better than sitting in front of the TV any day. Quiet, movement, relaxation. I’m happy.



    I came back down the same way I came up but there is another trail joins just before the summit that comes up from Powder Point Road.


    Down is much easier than up but it’s still tiring to keep your feet on solid ground with moist rocks and roots everywhere.

    Sometimes you don’t get the weather you want on a hike. But is the weather the only reason you hike?




    To get up Notch Hill, drive to Nanoose and turn on NW Bay Road at the Petro Can gas station. Turn right onto Powder Point Road just after the train tracks. Turn right onto Anchor Way, right onto Chain Way, then left onto Link Place, which is a short dead end. Hike around the gate and up Notch Hill. There is also another trailhead further along, on the side of Powder Point Road.