Things to do in Tofino

Tofino is Canada's surfing mecca! While die-hard surfers surf year round, in the summer and fall the population of Tofino swells with surf-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. Tofino comes alive as a charming, funky coastal town full of adventure options including surf schools, a tour to natural hot springs, whale watching, kayaking, diving, storm watching and – for sure – surfing.


Non surfers will equally love strolling along the picture perfect stretches of white sand and exploring dense coastal rainforest on winding board walk trails of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve & the famous Long Beach. Winter vacationers from around the world have been defying logic as they flock to Tofino to go storm watching November to March, with as many as 10-15 good storm in peak months of December-February. Choose to venture out into the storm by bracing yourself on the beach for the power of the wind, observing the crashing of waves against the rough rocky shoreline, or fill yourself with wonder from the comfort of your ocean front hotel or Bed & Breakfast.

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